Georges Bizet Actes Sud

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Georges Bizet (1838-1875), in spite of his artistic abilities, spent his life searching for the key to success, more or less unconsciously discarding those that life held out to him. Divided into four chapters, the portrait we are about to read resumes, before analysing the advent of the masterpieces that are L'Arlésienne and Carmen, each of these aborted possibilities, classified by musical genre: symphonist of genius, virtuoso pianist, undecided lyric composer. At each stage of this journey, signs will appear that seem to announce Carmen. However, we should be wary of an a posteriori reading, which would only see in Bizet's life a tortuous path towards the masterpiece. On the contrary, let's look for traces of what would have been the brilliant works that
would've come after Carmen if Bizet hadn't died so soon.
Like all the volumes of the "Classica" collection, this Georges Bizet is enriched with an index, bibliographical references and a discography.