Les Insolites / Formes Et Matières Des Costumes De Scène : Exposition

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This book is an invitation to explore the strange world of stage costumes, made of materials far removed from brocades, laces, silks and satins... The sewing workshops in charge of creating the stage costumes very often turn into an experimental laboratory where the imagination of the decorator and the dressmakers is free and almost limitless. Becoming in turn alchemists, painters, sculptors, assemblers, these artists and craftsmen ingeniously dye, mix, burn, lacerate or superimpose materials where cardboard, wood, metal, waxed canvas, rhodoïd, leather, lycra, sponge and jute are mixed together... Rubber becomes metal armour, plastic chain mail, string and latex metamorphose into delicate embroidery, bolts, screws and nails become jewellery. Sometimes rough treatments make us forget the original textures and give life to effects, lending themselves to the play of dreams and imagination, to the power of suggestion and to the offbeat imitation of the real thing.


By Noëlle Giret , Noëlle Guibert , Alain Batifoulier , Joel Huthwohl