Les Ptites Michus Operette

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Two little girls, one of high birth, the other of more modest origin, mixed in their bath and raised like twins, an imminent marriage project; first amorous emotions and some intrigues... It is on this amusing canvas signed by Albert Vanloo and Georges Duval that André Messager composes a score as graceful as it is tonic. The melodies, simple and elegant, immediately seduce by their harmonization and instrumentation that make them so charming. The premiere of Les P'tites Michu at Les Bouffes-Parisiens, on November 16, 1897, was an immediate success. The cast included two huge stars of the Parisian scene in the title roles, Alice Bonheur (Marie-Blanche) and Odette Dulac (Blanche-Marie). Each of the songs on the album soon became a "hit song", particularly the duetto Blanche-Marie et Marie-Blanche. After more than 150 performances in the capital, the work spread to the provinces and then abroad (under the titles The Little Michus or Die kleinen Michu), ending its Broadway career 20 years later.


Soprano: Violette Polchi
Mezzo soprano: Marie Lenormand
Performer: Orchestre Nationale Des Pays De La Loire
Conductor: Pierre Dumoussaud
Genre: Classic
Release date: January 2019
2 CD