Scented candle Carmen

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Our inspiration :
« I became drunk with its smell » - Don José

Near the ramparts of Seville, embalming orange blossom, Don José embraces the sensual and rebel gypsy named Carmen. He becomes intoxicated by the fragrance of the Cassie flower that she pinned on her blouse and the tobacco leaves that she rolls at the cigar factory. The scent of a woman who will face her destiny to remain free to love.


Olfactory score :
Cassie flower, Tobacco leaves, orange flower, jasmine.
Our candles are respectful of French tradition and are made with great care to provide you a high-quality finished product.

Wax : 100 % vegetable wax
Candle flame time : 45 hours of olfactive pleasure
Dimensions: W7,5 cm x H9 cm
Net Wt: 6.30 oz
Perfumes from Grasse - Made in France

Candle warning: To keep your candle fragrance smelling nice and fresh and looking clean keep the wick trimmed to 5mm every time you burn it.

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