Opera Gourd grey bottom

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Sold by Opéra National de Paris


The bottle made for the Opera national de Paris has been designed for daily use: a reusable water bottle, perfect for the office and everyday life!

At the office: the gourd slides under the fountain and collects the equivalent of 3 cups, it accompanies you in meetings without the risk of spilling.
After work: fill your bottle, then carry it in your bag or by hand. She will accompany you to the gym, soccer, dance of course, the library ...
At home: companion to your bedside table, for drinking without risking spilling everything!
On the go: it saves you the purchase of small bottles at the train bar or at the gas station
For children: perfect to be tucked into a satchel or to bring on school outings where a picnic is necessary.

Transparent: to always see the bottom of the bottle and the water level.
Reusable for at least 2 years.
Easy to wash, in the dishwasher or with a bottle brush. It does not retain odors and does not turn yellow.
A simple, somewhat wide neck that is easy to fill and clean.
A small drop-shaped handle that allows you to grab, hold, or hang a strap on it.

The removable bottom gives access to the label for easy personalization.

Product information

Technical specification

Composition: the bottle is made of Tritan, a BPA-free material that can be safely reused for several years.
Can be machine washed.

Capacity: 40 cl.
Dimensions: 21 cm high x 7 cm diameter.

Ecological bottle: a model created by Gobilab, a French company created in 2010.
**Made in France**

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