Offenbach Colorature

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Soprano Jodie Devos joins Alpha for several recordings and signs here a tribute to Offenbach, whose bicentenary of birth is celebrated in 2019. This programme testifies to Offenbach's fascination for singers with pyrotechnic vocal technique. This lyrical employment - alternately called "agility singer" or "singer-roll" - runs like a thread through most of the composer's works, from the first pieces for two or three characters to the great frescoes of maturity such as La vie parisienne, Robinson Crusoe and Orphée aux Enfers. The coloratura soprano can also be found in less buffoonish operas (such as Fantasio) and in Offenbach's only serious opera - Les Contes d'Hoffmann - in which the role of the doll (reduced to an aria, but what an aria!) is among the most famous in the French repertoire. Conceived in collaboration with Alexandre Dratwicki and the Palazzetto Bru Zane, this programme, tailor-made for Jodie Devos, presents countless rarities from Mesdames de la Halle, Boule-de-Neige, Un mari à la porte, Le roi carotte, Le voyage dans la lune and Vert-Vert. For the famous duet Les Oiseaux dans la charmille, she is joined by mezzo-soprano Adèle Charvet.

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Composer: Jacques Offenbach
Soprano: Jodie Devos
Conductor: Laurent Campellone
Performer: Munchner Rundfunkorch
Genre: Classic
Publisher: Alpha
Release date: January 2019