BEL-MILLEPIED-ROBBINS / PROGRAMME / Palais Garnier / Février 2016

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A major artist on the international scene, Jérôme Bel has profoundly changed the codes of classical and contemporary dance, notably with his solo Véronique Doisneau, created in 2004 for the Paris Opera Ballet. He returns with a new creation that brings together dancers and non-dancers, inviting each to reflect on their work, their identity, their place in the company and in society.
A demanding approach, sociological as much as choreographic, demonstrating that all approaches, even the most radical, are possible. The Goldberg Variations, a masterpiece by Jerome Robbins, is another demanding piece that makes its debut in the repertoire. This major piece by the American choreographer, conceived in 1971 to the score of Johann Sebastian Bach, this series of variations expresses all the refined musicality and sensitivity of Jerome Robbins, a master in the art of neo-classical dance. Evoking the variety of human emotions, from the darkest to the most joyful, this abstract ballet allows the company's dancers, from the Corps de Ballet or Danseurs Étoiles, to deploy the palette of the classical choreographic vocabulary, in 18th century costumes or in today's tunics and swimsuits. It is also a way to show the timeless character of the art of dance, brought to its highest degree of excellence.

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Technical specification

Design by Jérôme Bel

The night is over
Music Ludwig van Beethoven
Choreography Benjamin Millepied
Set design Camille Dugas
Costumes Alessandro Sartori
Lighting Madjid Hakimi
Piano Alain Planès

The Goldberg Variations
Music Johann Sebastian Bach
Choreography Jerome Robbins
Costumes Joe Eula
Lighting Jennifer Tipton
Piano Simone Dinnerstein

In the Night
Music Frédéric Chopin - (Nocturnes op. 27 n° 1, op. 55 n° 1 & 2, op. 9 n° 2)
Choreography Jerome Robbins
Costumes Anthony Dowell
Lighting Jennifer Tipton

The Park
Music Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Choreography Angelin Preljocaj
Costumes Hervé Pierre