PAUL - RIGAL - LOCK / PROGRAMME / Palais Garnier / Février 2015

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Three contemporary artists affirm, each in their own way, the musicality of their movement. With Répliques, Nicolas Paul builds his choreography in a permanent dialogue with the rich and contrasting music of Ligeti. AndréAuria by Édouard Lock is inspired by classical language and pointe technique to explore new possibilities. Pierre Rigal leads the dancers in an intrepid and inventive work questioning, through the multiple definitions of Salvation, the cycle of life and repetition. This program is complemented by a pas de deux created by Benjamin Millepied for Aurélie Dupont and Hervé Moreau, Together Alone, to music by Philip Glass.

Product information

Publication Year
Technical specification

Nicolas Paul
Choreography Nicolas Paul
Sets Paul Andreu
Costumes Adeline André
Lighting Madjid Hakimi

Pierre Rigal
Choreography Pierre Rigal
Costumes Roy Genty
Lighting Urs Schönebaum

Together alone
Benjamin Millepied
Choreography Benjamin Millepied
Lighting Urs Schönebaum

Edouard Lock
Choreography Edouard Lock
Set design Stéphane Roy
Costumes Liz Vandal
Lighting John Munro