Zipped sweat Ecole de Danse

S Noir €54.95
S Rouge €54.95
S Gris €54.95
M Noir €54.95
M Rouge €54.95
M Gris €54.95
L Noir €54.95
Xl Noir €54.95
Xl Rouge €54.95
Xl Gris €54.95
€49.45 Members


Since its creation under the reign of Louis XIV, the Ballet School of the Opéra national de Paris has built a worldwide reputation thanks to outstanding personalities and excellence in teaching.

A whole range of items has been developed around the Dance School of the Paris National Opera, dance accessories, sports equipment, for ballet girls as well as for dance enthusiasts.


Unisex zipped sweatshirt
Size S / M / L / XL
3 colors: black / red / gray

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