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Temple of dance and music, the props surrounding the Paris Opera belong as much to the dancers, with sports textiles, as to the spectators and musicians.
Bags, scarves and other accessories, you will discover a selection of original products to please or indulge yourself.

Beret Made in France from Laulhère

The Maison Laulhère was created in 1830, in the foothills of the Pyrenees, by Lucien Laulhère.
Since making our first berets in 1840, we have not stopped manufacturing this legendary symbol of France, a product of unique ancestral heritage and extraordinary savoir-faire held only by a handful of specialists these days.
Our ambition is to keep modernizing the beret and to bring it to the forefront of fashion, year after year, while preserving the priceless inherited knowledge of which, today, our company is one of the last guardians.

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